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Fab Slab Paddle Boards

Fab Slab Paddle Boards

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Are these the world's most hygenic cutting boards? FabSlabs cutting boards have ben extensively testted by an NATA approved laboratory for the 4 most common food viruses: E. coli, Salmonella, Staph and Listeria. Tests showed that these bacteria were unable to survive after a short time on the board. Further tests on FabSlabs cutting boards used domestically and commercially showed ZERO bacteria growth after 7-10 years of use. FabSlabs cutting boards are permanently and naturally antibacterial.

  • Camphor Laurel cutting boards and grazing platters are hygenic for all food
  • Unlike other wood cutting boards and grazing platters, these are made from one solid slab of timber.
  • The tight grains and natural color make this a highly attractive and highly durable cutting board.
  • The natural oils and tight grains allow this tropical hardwood to repel moisture, warping and microbes.


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